Exynos 8895 processor would be the first Samsung reaches 4GHz

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There is no doubt that the processor is a key component of our mobile, in fact, the power of this element is one of the main factors that our community Paperweight, consider when choosing your next mobile . That is why the market there is strong competition -for not say the theSainte war between different manufacturers with their most popular models such as Snapdragon Qualcomm , Exynos Samsung , The A series of Apple , Kirin Huawei or Helios MediaTek .

However, a report showed on social network Weibo , said that Samsung is working on a new model, which would be named Exynos 8895 . But that’s not all, as this processor would be 30% faster than Exynos 8890 existing S7 in current or recent Galaxy Note 7 reaching a frequency up to 4GHz at full load, fighting side by side with the future Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 and a maximum of up to 3.6GHz.



Also, the future Exynos 8895 will possess a lithograph of 10 nanometers , well below the current 14nm high – end, which results in lower energy consumption, more power-for Watt – less temperature is generated, among other features . In addition , the Exynos 8895 energy consumption shall possess very similar to the next generation of Snapdragon 830 .

Finally, it is expected that this future component is presented next year with the Galaxy S8, or in the worst case, if there are setbacks, we will see in the next Galaxy Note 8.

What do you think of this new workhorse of Samsung?

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