Everything you need to know about the OnePlus 5! (Update) ☺️

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Yes, You have read correctly, one skips the 4 and brings directly the OnePlus 5 on the market.

Now before the official release on the 22nd of June are again a few new photos of the OnePlus 5 appeared, which in addition to pretty boring black version still two more color variants show, which I personally then very appealing. I already complained that the design of the 2017 smartphones is altogether very boring. Many manufacturers simply lean on the iPhone 7 and ready.

The new photos now show two bronze-gold variants, which have golden and blue accents in the antenna strips and around the dual camera. I personally find very appealing and stands out at least because of the mass something, even if the design is not very different. That is why I hope that the two variants will actually also appear and are not just a dream space of a Render-Freaks.

The price is currently 479 US dollar for the basic version traded, which is about Rs 34800.


In addition, there is still a small view of possible cases and cases for the OnePlus 5, so we see in the following pictures a case with the Kevlar and one with the wood look, which I personally at that time beside the Sandstone from the OP2 Great.

OnePlus 5 appears in 4 different colors

Also with OnePlus, this time more colored pots were touched and so the new flagship smartphone could appear in four colors. This makes at least one speculation from a Twitter contribution of OnePlus if one could interpret it also rather as a question: “What is the color of your next phone?”

To dye:

  • black
  • Multi-color (pink, blue, purple, green)
  • red
  • gold

OnePlus 5 – fingerprint sensor back on the Home button

The CEO of Liu Zuotu answered yes to a user question on Weibo, whether the fingerprint sensor is on the front again, so the OnePlus 5 will again have an integrated fingerprint sensor on the Home button.

OnePlus 5 – Comparison of speed

There is an internal document dubbed, which allegedly compares the speed of the OnePlus 5 with the flagship Google Pixel XL and Samsung Galaxy S8. But you have not just benchmarked, but the start of the individual apps measured. The factors here are for but not only the processor, but there is also a fast UFS memory and DDR4 RAM. Overall, the OnePlus 5 scores better than the competition in most cases. However, such internal documents from the same manufacturer of the advertised smartphone always with caution to enjoy and of OnePlus we know that is often synonymous exaggerated.

OnePlus 5 cameras is developed in collaboration with DxO

The symbiosis with traditional camera makers can also be useful in a smartphone, Leica shows with Huawei or Hasselblad with Lenovo. Having these experiences incorporated into their smartphone can bring substantial improvements. OnePlus probably thought this and announced the collaboration with DxO Labs . Most people know the company through the ratings and the benchmark of the cameras from the manufacturers’ smartphones. The company has built up a great reputation and credibility. So many testers and potential buyers, who are very important to a camera in the smartphone, give very much to the reviews.

OnePlus wants to take this experience back and work closely with DxO to improve the camera considerably. This is in my opinion a very good decision, because all OnePlus devices always weakened slightly at the camera. I am curious about what will come out at the end of this cooperation.

Thankfully, we won’t have to wait long to find out which of these rumors are true and which are false. The OnePlus 5 live launch event will begin streaming at 12:00 PM ET on June 20th.

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