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BitTorrent (BT) is a communication protocol for peer-to-peer file sharing (“P2P”) which is used to distribute data and electronic files over the Internet. Programmer Bram Cohen, a former University at Buffalo student,[4] designed the protocol in April 2001 and released the first available version on 2 July 2001.

BitTorrent is spread so vast that daily active customers of BitTorrent are 45 Million and monthly users are about 170 Million.

Availability : BitTorrent Application is available for Smartphones,Computers,Tablets Etc.

Working Of BitTorrent :

File Upload Process:

Basically, A client When he Wants to share a file globally  (It can be of any format ). What he does, He chooses his particular file and uploads it to any Torrent hosting website and the hosting website creates a magnet link for other users worldwide.

File Download Process :

When a user from anywhere in country locates the file and starts downloading it. The torrent will start sending the file depending on the upload speed/download speed of the user. So when the file is downloading it will also start uploading the file to another user by using some part of your bandwidth. So if another user is downloading the same file, the file will be downloaded by two sources one from the Main client and other from a user. This way when Multiple users start downloading the files.  The speed of the download files increases. As Multiple users are sharing their upload speed to the file.


BitTorrent Download Proces
Download Process

Terms of BitTorrent : 

  • Seeders
  • Leechers
  • Active Seeders
  • Magnet Link


Seeders are the users who are actually uploading the file.


Leechers are the users who are downloading the file.

BitTorrent Seeds And Leech
Seeders And Leechers

For Ex: If a file has a 1000 seeders and 200 leechers, Then the file will be downloaded at higher speed as the upload speed is divided or distributed among 200 users.  In the same way, if there are 200 seeders and 1000 leechers the file will be downloaded very slow.

Active Seeders: Active Seeders are those users who have already downloaded the file from the torrent client but didn’t close the downloading. In this case, the upload speed will continue to provide the user bandwidth speed to another user.

 Note: We can control our upload speed to low or high.

Magnet Link :

 magnet links can be used in a number of contexts, they are particularly useful in peer to peer file sharing networks because they allow resources to be referred to without the need for a continuously available host, and can be generated by anyone who already has the file, without the need for a central authority to issue them

Myths of BitTorrent: As of now, The BitTorrent is only considered as a piracy or a pirated source which is not 100 % true. Piracy is a part of BitTorrent, But there are other Companies who actually uses BitTorrent to move the data from one place to another Ex (Facebook, Twitter, and even NASA)


Disclaimer: The Above information provided was only for educational purpose. Techjunglee Does not support or promotes any type of piracy. 


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