Blue Whale suicide game linked to 130 teen deaths !

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Online games in the smartphone world have become part of many lives. Many people see you playing a game like Candy Crush, Pokémon Go, in the fun time. But a few days ago, a game launched has revealed shocking information about hundreds of children committed suicide.

When playing this game, the children really fall into despair. That is why finally they decide to commit suicide. Game ‘Blue Whale’ is played on social media platforms. It is said that.

So far as the game of ‘Blue Whale’, 130 children in Russia are said to have committed suicide. However, local police said that there was no direct connection between these suicides to Blue Whale.


What is ‘blue whale’ game?

After you started playing this game you get a ‘master’. That’s the master you control the next 50 days. It gives a task every day to the user. Many of these tasks are such that the user has to harass his body.

E.g. Creating blue whales with their own blood, watching horror movies throughout the day and awake overnight. Many children go into depression while completing such weird tasks. In this game, the user who plays on the 50th day is said to be the winner.

In many schools, parents are now being informed about these deadliest games and their children are appealing to keep them away from it. This game has not been launched in India so far. But the internet has brought the world very close. So keep your kids away from such a junky game.


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