Best way to Message a person who has already blocked you on Whatsapp? Here’s your exact answer

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Are you blocked by your close friend or by loved ones? You really want to clear your misunderstanding with him/her but he/she does not want to have a conversation with you!

Here is the solution of your problem.

Instant Messaging App, WhatsApp is used by the people worldwide. It is the fastest and the most convenient way to send messages in the form texts, audio, and video. But everything in this world has its side-effects, same is the case with WhatsApp. Sometimes people block you just with one click for various reasons like misunderstanding, arguments or other fisticuffs associated.

A blocked person is restricted to send messages on WhatsApp. Therefore, today we are going to reveal about a unique trick in front of you by which a user will be able to message the person who has blocked him/her on WhatsApp. Here is the procedure:

You just need to create a group. Take a common friend’s help. Be an admin of that group and make a common friend as an admin too. Common friend means that person who is the friend of your’s and also a friend who has blocked you. Now simply tell your common friend to add that person who has blocked you. And after adding, Now ask your common friend to leave or exit the group. This results in the presence of only two persons in the group you and the person who has blocked you, so that the conversation would be more clear and precise and privacy maintains. Through this group, you can message him or her easily.

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