Apple recognizes the failure screens iPhone 6 Plus, but does not accept the blame

Siddhesh SonjePosted by

Apple products, as any manufacturer, are not exempt that eventually appear problems in some of its components. They have long heard complaints that the screens of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus suffer from what has been termed as the disease touch , making not respond properly on many occasions to user actions. Apple has finally accepted that the problem exists, but no fault of their own, so it will replace the affected screens 6 Plus at half price.

The iPhone 6 are by now out of the promotion , which is to pay $ 149 for the replace you, instead of the nearly $ 300 that would normally cost. If the screen is changed due to this problem before, Apple will refund the difference. But in this process, the company does not accept the blame or would have to replace free screens all iPhone 6 Plus, with the consequent economic cost for the company. It is not calling factory default not even design flaw.

In EE. UU. They were moving a class action lawsuit, for this reason, claiming that Apple knew about the problem for some time but has failed to take appropriate action more quickly.

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