Apple could not present any new iPhone SE in 2017

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In the month of March of this year, Apple has released a new compact called iPhone by iPhone SE , the moral successor of the old iPhone 5 / 5S. Equipped with a 4-inch display and equipped with a powerful Apple A9 processor, iPhone SE has proved one of the smartphone more “economic” ever produced by the Cupertino giant. As we know, the company is used to update its line of phones every year, but it seems to iPhone SE could touch a different fate: it is not at all obvious that at the beginning of 2017 we will see come to market a new version of the terminal.

According to the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, whose forecasts have often proved spot on, next year Apple could even present no new iPhone SE. According to Kuo, Apple might instead choose to extend the life of the phone to minimize its effect on sales of the new iPhone 7 , which they will leave the field. A decision entirely understandable in the light of the results for the latest fiscal quarter and above the estimates of the current quarter: in fact, it is expected that Apple will not be able to sell more than 40-50 million iPhone (compared with 51.2 million iPhones sold the ‘the past year during the same quarter’), also causes the low demand in China.


In fact, long ago Apple had revealed that the application for their iPhone SE has been stronger than anticipated; This does not mean, however, that the company will release a new version of the device every year. The possibility that one might encounter in a new iPhone SE in 2017 and there is concrete but, at least as regards the first half of the year, should not storing too many hopes.

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