Is Your Android safe ? Here are some tips to Secure your Android.

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Nowadays Android  Smartphone has became a must for everyone , whether it is used to send a message , book a cab , order products online , Search for location , Playing games,  etc.. As more technology upgraded it also changed the lifestyle of using Smartphone.

But As the Usage of Smartphone increased , it also   increased the chances of the device being spy , phishing attacks  , data leak , etc. As of now also there are lot of apps which were been accused of data leak.

Mostly the Android application where been downloaded from Google play store, But some apps have been also marked a data leak. Famous  Messaging Application Whats-app was also a part of this/ An exact same copy of whats-app  with exact specification and User Interface named Update whats-app was been uploaded in google store as Millions of users downloaded  this app. (Later it was removed from google play store.)

Tips To Prevent This :

Download application from official  Google Play store

1:  When downloading an App check for its details name , logo , specification etc and also if the app is famous check its downloaded stats.

2 : Always download of upgrade the apps from the Google Play Store itself , as the genuine  version would be 1st uploaded by the developer in the Play store itself.

Disable Unknown sources

Allowing Unknown Source for application means you are giving permission to the 3rd party app to download and  install the app from Unknown source.  (As this could be very unsafe.)

1 : To disable it Go to Settings , the go to Additional settings , then locate to Privacy and turn off unknown source option.  It will provide more security to your phone.

Unknown Source

Android Security Patches 

Android Security Patches : It means when a Rom is being developed and is stable for the users the security patch checks  security of the device.

And it is Updated frequently.

This updates is been released by  the developer itself to prevent data and other stuff.

To Check for your Android Security Patches go to Settings , About Phone , Below Android version Search for Security patch and check the date.


Android Security Patches


Don’t Root Your Device

Rooting means providing full access to the user to change or to modify the operating system

(for ex Installing rom , Changing Boot logo etc) It also provide unauthorized access to modify the application.

But by rooting your phone you will lose your warranty and also there is no guarantee that your phone will get future updates or security patches.

Once the phone is rooted it can also view all the messages , contacts , your current location etc.


Add Two step Verification to Your Device.

Google Mail Recently Added this method to be  sure that the email id accessing to its server is from the same user who carries the Email Id.

Enabling Two Step Verification  will ask the user a password and also the verification code to sign in

This Provides tight  Security for accessing Emails.

To Enable it Go To Settings – Search For Google – Locate to Sign in and Security and Enable 2 Step Verification.

2 Step Verification

Turn on Find My Device.

Find My Device searches for your smartphone  and shows its location. It and can also remotely erase the data if the phone is been stolen or lost.

To enable this , Go to Settings – Search for google – Security – Find my Device – Turn On.

Find My Device

Check For the Permissions

When an Application is been installed and open it ask for various permission like to allow , contacts, location , phone, view messages.

IF you Trust the app and its sources allow them , if not deny them.

Certain application needs specific permission to work (for example phone app needs contacts permission to display contacts)

To allow or deny permission Go to Settings – Apps – Installed / System apps – find Permission and allow or deny.

Application Permission



So these were the tips on how to prevent your Smartphone from malware. Check your phone settings if you applied all of it..

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