7 Best Racing Games For Android 2016

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Although some people prefer to enjoy the excitement of a game of racing on larger devices, such as PC monitors and modern, also on phones and tablets can spend great moments behind the wheel of your favorite car. The development and rise of these games have been so great that after his release have made films and TV series on video games.

Below we offer a selection of the best applications of car racing games for Android devices, which surely will be liked by all lovers of speed and custom cars.

The best racing games for Android!

1.Asphalt 8: Airborne


This game is a  must have  for all fans of car racing games. Why? Because  Asphalt 8 approaches the – art hardware including new devices, allowing some amazing graphics. From there, we found an  arcade driving pure and where we drive up to 56 super-sports of the most sought after in the market.We play both solos through a story mode 180 or so events  multiplayer , on stages around the world. The game can download for free but will have  built – in-app purchases.

Download from Google Play

2.GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience

Another title from Gameloft like Asphalt 8, but this time on the side of reality. This may be one of the best racing simulators for mobile devices. His physical model offers unparalleled reality. Enjoy your selcción of 81 cars top 37 manufacturers in the world.You can drive for 13 circuits from four different points of view and get win any of its more than 1400 events. If you are an expert user tries to modify the performance of your vehicle in the garage to outrun your opponents.

3.Real Racing 3


We speak here of a recognized franchise that has a variety of circuits licensed drivers 22 and over 90 vehicles. We can play both individually and in  multiplayer (up to 8 players) . In the single player mode, we will have more than 2000 tests, from qualifying to drag racing.We can customize the car to our liking to get fully enter this automotive experience. Again,  free with integrated shopping (and quite abundant in this case).

Download from Google Play

The best racing games for Android!

4.CSR Racing


This game features in its achievements with nothing more and nothing less than more than  100 million downloads . The reason is very simple:  amazing to enjoy underground racing on city streets graphics , with over 70 cars to choose from . We go beating different bands to dominate the city and be the new roads.The game is  optimized for tablets and, as usual,is  free with in-app purchases.

Download from Google Play

5.Need for Speed Most Wanted


We continue with car racing games, and could not miss in this list, it appears  Need for Speed,  a game that brings together some of the  most spectacular graphics  as one of the best gameplay we can find. We must escape from a police force as we face other street racers to end up being one of the “most wanted“.

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6.Beach Buggy Blitz


Let ‘s leave aside some realism and begin to get more fun and colorful graphics . This game will be based on a mysterious island on which we run, with most mystical landscapes where we will unlock vehicles while watching the different scenarios. In addition, we will be updating and customizing cars, so they are to our liking as they evolve. We may also go collecting the different characters of the game. The application is  free, but offers built – in-app purchases.

Download from Google Play

7.Angry Birds Go!


In the wake of this, we can not forget the famous birds of Rovio. And with such merchandising with up car game, in the style of Mario Kart . We will have several game modes, as well as the option of gradually improving the different vehicles that are available. All in the dynamics of all these angry birds games, which end up smiling with these cute characters. As the above, the game is  free with integrated shopping.

Download from Google Play

Short Keywords: There are thousands of racing games for Android available on Play store. It also depends on personal choice. Few people like to play light racing games while few like to play heavy racing games with heavy graphics and story.This list is best on my personal favorite 7 best racing game if you like to share it and suggestions are always welcome to comment down below.


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