‘T’ Variant after every Original Variant isn’t a Guarantee – Carl Pei (OnePlus co-founder)

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We all know that Oneplus 5 and 5T were successful in India. All the reviews related to Oneplus 5 or 5T were really positive.

So, Recently In an AMA hosted by OnePlus for the newly launched OnePlus 5T, Carl Pei answered a few important and interesting questions. One user asked whether or not OnePlus fans should expect a “T” model every year from now on. Knowing the launch pattern of a company will help the consumer to plan their purchase and consumer can decide when they want to upgrade.

The answer given by Carl Pei was as follows-

“We’ll make a second T device if there’s enough new technology that’s useful to

our users. As of now, we still haven’t decided whether we have enough upgrades

next year for a T device.”

One plus 5 was launched in June 2017, It didn’t have an infinity display like its competitors And many other things. So just after few months In November OnePlus launched OnePlus 5T, Its is the phone that the OnePlus 5 could have, rather should have been.

After Launching OnePlus 5T, Chinese smartphone maker confirmed that the OnePlus 5 will be now discontinued, just after 6 months of its launch. It was kind of disappointing or a bad news for OnePlus 5 users, They must have thought they should have waited for few more months.

It is really possible that after noticing the launch pattern of OnePlus in last two years, consumers will expect a T model after an original variant, and it is also possible that consumers will not take the original variant seriously.




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